Nathan Stubbs

LITE launches CEO Search

by Nathan Stubbs

The Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise has launched a nationwide search for its Chief Executive Officer position. LITE is searching for its first full-fledged CEO to lead the 3-D visualization center. Carolina Cruz previously handled CEO duties, serving in a dual role for the past three years as LITE’s executive director and UL Lafayette Chief Scientist. In December, she stepped down from the executive director’s job, at which point the LITE commission appointed Chief Operating Officer Henry Florsheim interim CEO.

A press release this morning announcing the search says the CEO of LITE is responsible for all aspects of the administration, marketing, financing, operation, and management of LITE; and for effectively planning, coordinating, implementing and evaluating the business enterprise, educational, and governmental activities of LITE. The job advertisement  will be running in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and USA Today.  The candidate search will also be listed on more than 150 newspaper, professional association, and economic development websites.