R. Reese Fuller

Stormy conditions ahead

by R. Reese Fuller

If yesterday was any indication, the speculation over Stormy Daniels running for David Vitter's U.S. Senate seat is not going to die down anytime soon. The porn star and Baton Rouge native was the subject of several news stories yesterday, including MSNBC, CNN, The Raw Story, WDSU, and the UK's Telegrapgh.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Daniels said she would challenge Vitter to a debate. "I absolutely would, but I don't think he has the balls to confront me because he knows I would win. What could he possible say? And if that doesn't work, then I'd be happy to wrestle him." Daniels added that her possible campaign slogans could include "Screwing People Honestly," "Stormy Daniels: At Least I Don't Wear A Diaper," or "Whipping Louisiana's Economy into Shape," with an image of her dressed as a dominatrix with a whip.

In an interview with CNN (which also includes insight from The Gambit's Political Editor Clancy DuBos), Daniels said, "Politics can't be any dirtier of a job than the one I'm already in."

The Advocate reported that a website which is trying to enlist Daniels to run against Vitter, DraftStormy.com, is operated by Zach Hudson, a University of New Orleans student who contends that his effort is earnest. "It's not a stunt," he said. "We have every intention of successfully drafting her."

Daniels also told The Advocate, "I might be a slut and a whore … but I'm not a criminal, and I've never been a hypocrite."