Letters to the Editor


I was totally insulted by the abject rudeness of your zoning consultant, Dr. Denis Ehrhardt, at the recent public hearing on the proposed zoning ordinance (“The INDsider: Breaux Bridge residents stalk out of zoning meeting ,” Feb. 4). As you no doubt have heard by now, a large group of citizens walked out of the meeting in protest over his manner.

I live at 912 South Main St., and my office is downtown at 108 West Bridge St., so my concerns are with both the residential and business district aspects of this proposed ordinance. But those concerns will be articulated at the proper forum: the next public hearing on Feb. 17.

The purpose of this letter is to go on record with a strenuous objection to the arrogance, brusqueness, abruptness and dismissive nature of the meeting moderator. After calling the meeting to order, the chairman of the zoning commission turned the meeting over to Dr. Ehrhardt, whose demeanor and tone of voice were both defensive and belligerent. He appeared totally insensitive to the anxieties and apprehensions of a large group of Breaux Bridge citizens who either don’t understand or don’t agree with much of the proposed ordinance, and who felt they were attending a meeting where their questions and concerns would be addressed in an appropriate and businesslike manner. Instead, they were rebuffed with a surly glare, a toss of the head, a flip of the wrist. And when one property owner asked about Dr. Ehrhardt’s credentials, he was told his question was out of order.

It was a sad example of how not to conduct a public hearing. I find it hard to imagine how the Breaux Bridge public could possibly work with this man Ehrhardt to struggle through all the complexities of the proposed ordinance. I, for one, would find it difficult even to be civil to him.