R. Reese Fuller

Winnfield man arrested in D.C.

by R. Reese Fuller

A Winnfield man drove up to the U.S. Capitol yesterday and said he had a delivery for President Barack Obama. After some questioning, the 64-year-old Alfred Brock admitted that he had a rifle in his vehicle. He was arrested and charged with possession of an unregistered firearm and ammunition.

Here's where the story gets a little stranger. In this story that originally ran in the Dallas Examiner in Sept. 2007, we meet a 63-year-old Alfred Brock from Winnfield who attended the Jena 6 rally in Jena.
Alfred Brock, 63, of Winfield [sic], Louisiana, attended the rallies with his hands and feet handcuffed, resembling a captured slave.

"(The Jena 6) is one of sorrow, but then it's not. This had to come about," Brock said. "The Jena 6 are just pawns in the real game of chess. But there are some strong ones behind the pawns that needs to be removed. We can start winning that game of chess by saying that we’ve got to do better."
A search of Winnfield's phone directory reveals only one Alfred Brock in town.