Dege Legg

Valentine's Day shows about town

by Dege Legg

Valentine’s Day Shows, Feb. 14:
Garland Thompson CD release party          Richard Sale Barn
Quintron & Miss Pussycat w/The Babies     Blue Moon Saloon
Howdies, Pokey Lafarge                                 Café Cottage
Dave Egan and 20 Years of Trouble             Artmosphere
Bobby & the Rockers                                       Atchafalaya Club
Modern Jazz Movement                                   Blue Dog Café
Jamie Bergeron and The Kickin’ Cajuns    Cowboys
Paul Daigle Band                                             Mulates
Ray Landry & Friends                                      Liberty Theater
Pine Leaf Boys                                                 La Poussiere
Dinnerw/Philip Gould.                                     NuNu’s
Guilty Plea                                                         Wild Salmon

Post Haste Interview with Quintron (live at Blue Moon Saloon, Feb. 14):

1. What is love? Why would anyone care what Quintron thinks love is? Love is like a Blob.....and it is also the featured word in the title of my new record, TOO THIRSTY 4 LOVE.

2. Is marriage/monogamy an outdated institution? No. But don’t you hate it when someone insists that you become best buddies with their latest fling and then one month later—after they split—you are expected to HATE THEIR GUTS and never talk to them again at the risk of losing your old friend? Married people don’t normally present this problem so they can be less annoying to have as friends, but the downside is that married people can also be really really boring.

3. What do you buy a puppet in love on Valentine’s Day? That question is so stupid I can’t even think of a stupid answer. (Correct answer: a framed photo of a dead rat or a popcorn machine)

4. What role does love play in the Quintron sound and inventions? I will be serious and say that there are a lot of people and things that I love…to the point of obsession.  Love is in everything that I write about and everything that I create. It really is like water or oxygen.  I love music.  I love nightlife, beer, puppets, sleazy club owners, girls that dance, matching outfits, old radio, the show 30 Rock, Lux Interior (RIP), Mardi Gras, electric organs, cats, Miss Pussycat, and on and on and on.   “If ever I cease to love” I will be screwed....that will be the day that I die.

5. What is Not love? The new Black Metal record I just recorded by a band called Tire Fire. Totally not Love...out SOON - cassette only on Rhinestone Records.

6. Describe a romantic night on the town with Quintron. We start out in a Limo....our limo that we OWN free and clear. We put on some talk radio real low so its just a murmer, like a really fun party in the other room but we are locked in a back bedroom. Then we drive down to the French Quarter where I have rented Antoines for the night and staffed it entirely with New Orleans Saints players...their orders are simply to serve us but make no eye contact and don’t speak unless spoken to. Maybe we just do drinks and appetizers there. Then, back to the limo - which I am driving by the way....f*** riding. Ok, now we just roll slowly around the Quarter and back up to the 9th ward to the Saturn Bar where the Cramps are playing for free because Lux Interior is not really dead. They play for 3 hours and are totally amazing of course. We dance in our own private balcony overlooking the stage.  Some girl in the pit gets her dreadlocks set on fire but she is not hurt and turns out to be really cool. Rounds of Absinthe are bought for the entire crowd before Eric the owner kicks us all out. Now we are too drunk to drive the limo so we just sit in the back of it with a bunch of friends from the show and we decide to order a pizza - but what address?? We are in a car?? Oh my turns out our good buddy Dave is delivering that night and he totally knows where we are and what a limo looks like. So Dave gives us curbside service and he actually joins us because its his last delivery - and the pizzas are free!!  So we all dine together and talk and drink and light some fireworks off that are leftover from New Years. Two by two the friends eventually filter out and finally we are alone. The sun is coming up but its a very very overcast day.  We go back to the Spellcaster Lodge, put on Mahler’s 6th Symphony and fall into a deep deep sleep.