Nathan Stubbs

Lomax is back

by Nathan Stubbs

J. Lomax “Max” Jordan, Lafayette’s District 23 state Sen. from 1992-2000, is back in the political arena. On Friday, Jordan qualified to run in the special election being held April 4 for the District 6 City-Parish Council seat. A Baptist attorney and social conservative, Jordan was a strident anti-gambling crusader who faced off several times with former Republican Gov. Mike Foster, at one point filing a lawsuit against Foster and the Louisiana Gambling commission. Jordan also branded Foster a liar and crook on par with Edwin Edwards. In 1999, Foster helped back state Rep. Mike Michot in defeating Jordan for the senate seat. Jordan could not be reached this morning for comment.

Jordan has two opponents in the District 6 race, Sam Dore and Joe Riley. Dore, who works for Goodyear, ran unsuccessfully for the council seat in 2007 as a Democrat and is now running again as a Republican. Riley is a Republican attorney and recent New Orleans transplant.