Letters to the Editor


In the article "Where's the Leadership?" Scott Jordan wrote that City-Parish President Joey Durel should have stepped in and forged a compromise between Chris Williams and the council. What compromise would have Williams lived with? No compromise! With Williams it's his way or no way.

The one big question that Jordan forgot to ask and answer is, "Do the property owners that live on the street that is now named Martin Luther King Street want the name of their street changed to another name?" You can not have two MLK streets in Lafayette. It would be a nightmare for mail service, 911 calls, etc. If 51 percent of these property owners on the current MLK Street do not want to change the name of their street, the issue of changing the name from Willow Street to MLK is done with, over with, end of story.

I don't think Williams would have agreed to any compromise Durel would have come up with because Williams is like Burger King; he wants it "his way," and the word compromise is not in William's dictionary. Williams should quit wasting his time and energy writing on desks and making inflammatory statements. He should get a group of volunteers together to contact the property owners on MLK and see if 51 percent agree to change the name of their street. If they don't, then Williams needs to move on and do something good, useful and productive for Lafayette, instead of acting like a big bully and cry baby.

Williams has a doctorate; he should be able to do the math and see that his district got more money for roads than any other district. The facts don't lie. His actions are an embarrassment to Lafayette and the work of so many who are trying to improve the city to attract industry for new jobs that will benefit all of Lafayette's citizens. If you were an out-of-state businessman who came to Lafayette looking to expand your business, then you read the local papers and saw William's childish behavior and his name-calling when he doesn't get his way, what would you do? You would pack up your bags and get on the first flight out of Lafayette forever.

Chris Williams's attitude is a liability for Lafayette, not an asset.