Finds 02.18.09

You can now savor your bottle of Abita beer a little longer, and quite possibly, not have to make that long journey back to the fridge altogether. The Abita Brewing Co. has just released its two most potent brews, Abbey Ale and Andygator (both 8 percent alcohol by volume), in 22 oz. bottles. Available at four Lafayette locations, Albertsons on the Evangeline Thruway, Marcello’s Wine Market, Philippe’s Wine Cellar and Rouses in Youngsville, the new jumbo bottles come with a “hand-painted look” designed by Innovative Advertising in Covington. David Blossman, Abita Brewing’s president, sums up the simple genius behind the new product. “The bottles are bigger than our other Abita brews,” he says, “a full 22 ounces.” Brilliant. — Nathan Stubbs

Hungry? Not so much. Thirsty? Always. Ever wanted to take home one of those silver mugs from Ground Pat’i but were afraid management would spot it under your shirt? Yeah, they’ve been on the lookout for you, but they got the message. Realizing everything tastes better in these pewter mugs, from soft drinks to beer — ice cold beer — Ground Pat’i’s making its famous pewter mugs available at the 2512 Kaliste Saloom Road location for $27. For information, call 704-0071. — Ryan Broussard

Make your folk roots statement this Mardi Gras by masking like the country krewes. The traditional head gear, a capuchon, makes merry mockery of the medieval hat worn by ladies of the aristocracy. On the day of misrule, when peasants turned the social order on its head, men dressed like kings, or actually queens. Homemade capuchons, decorated with scraps of cloth, feathers and fringe are on sale at The Coffee Break, in Breaux Bridge. Owner Frank Dupuis says he and his mother and some friends got together and fashioned the capuchons out of what they had on hand — exactly in the tradition of the members of the various courirs de Mardi Gras. Each are reasonably priced at $15, and Dupuis has screen masks available as well. The Coffee Break is located 109 N. Main St. in Breaux Bridge. Call 442-6607 for more info. — Mary Tutwiler