Letters to the Editor


Hellooo ... Is anybody listening? Is the new school board paying attention? Dr. James Easton made it clear in the article ("Life Lesson," April 4) that he should be replaced. "The 72-year-old Easton says he's been in Lafayette longer than the average tenure of public school system superintendents ' something he says may be working against him." The nationwide average tenure of a school superintendent not so long ago was two years.

He goes on to say, "... I think in order for us to be able to serve our public at a high level we're going to have to come together or quite frankly, we'll have to change superintendents. ... We tend to think that tomorrow's promised. And it's not."

Make no mistake, Easton has been a shining light for our children. His accomplishments are too long to list. But his time is up, and he knows it. Dr. David Thibodaux knew it, too. Dr. Easton recognizes that his effectiveness is restricted by the "squabbling" and "petty arguing" with the new school board, to use his words, and that's not in the best interest of our children.

So, Dr. Easton is taking the high road. Will the new school board recognize his signals ' the out he is giving them? Let's hope someone qualified will want to be the next superintendent given the micromanagement by the board.