Dege Legg

Mardi Gras bowl jam

by Dege Legg

The Freetown Hounds skateboard crew hosts the first inaugural Mardi Gras Bowl Jam on Mardi Gras day, Feb. 24. It’ll take place at the newly constructed public skateboard/bmx bowl & ramp park located behind the Goodwill store on Johnston St. There will be both bowl and streets contests as well as free live music provided by Greg Ginn & The Texas Corrugators, The Blessed, Six String Rodeo, and 10-Ton Junkie. Skaters will be out there all day, ripping it up in the new bowl as the parades pass, so if you’re looking for a good spot to watch the parades and keep an eye on your kids, why not combine the two with some inspired skateboarding? Be there—all day on Feb. 24.