Leslie Turk

Rhythms on the River spotlighting local nonprofits

by Leslie Turk

Beginning with this season's series, River Ranch's Rhythms on the River series will spotlight local nonprofits as part of a partnership between River Ranch Institute and the Community Foundation of Acadiana. The popular series, held in River Ranch's Town Square, draws 1,000-4,000 people each Thursday night beginning March 26 and ending May 14 (no Rhythms during the week of Festivale International).

Organizations selected by CFA will be highlighted for one evening during the series. The organization can use the spotlight to step up awareness about its programs, increase publicity for an upcoming fund-raiser, or raise money for a specific program.

“While working with River Ranch, we agreed on two simple goals. First, the organization must develop a plan to bring attention to their charitable cause during Rhythms. Second, the organization must contribute to or enhance the family-friendly environment of Rhythms. We are going to evaluate applicant organizations on those two criteria,” says Carlee Alm-LaBar, marketing and communications director for CFA.

Interested organizations, schools and churches can download an application from CFA's Web site. Applications are due by March 6, and organizations will be notified of their selection by March 16. For more info, call Alm-LaBar at 266-2145.