R. Reese Fuller

More allegations against UL's primate center

by R. Reese Fuller

The Daily Advertiser declares in an editorial today, "Animals not abused at UL center ":

UL moved quickly in responding to charges of wrongdoing at the university's New Iberia Research Center. Those who joined in helping to disprove claims about treatment of primates at the center deserve the gratitude of UL and the community. The rapid response was a strong indication that UL was content with treatment at the center. Preliminary findings support that attitude. ...
In January, the group Stop Animal Exploitation Now alleged that UL Lafayette's New Iberia Research Center's negligence and inadequate care led to the deaths of nine primates. UL immediately issued a response to SAEN's allegations:
The University takes seriously any and all allegations of animal neglect. It is committed to the humane care of research animals used in all activities and stands behind the animal care and use program at the UL Lafayette New Iberia Research Center.
Today's Advertiser editorial concludes:
We are pleased to see the immediate response to SAEN and the conclusion reached. Had university officials dragged their feet on the issue, the charges would have steadily gained weight and probably done some damage to the public perception of the primate center.

But today, "damage to the public perception of the primate center" continues.

The Humane Society of the United States announced that Nightline will broadcast its findings from a nine-month undercover investigation of the NIRC. See the Nightline preview here. The segement is scheduled to air tonight at 11:05 p.m. on KATC TV-3.

Watch the HSUS' video here:

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