Leslie Turk

Peep Goat: U.S. Attorney Washington out

by Leslie Turk

In today's column, Peep Goat has the scoop on potential replacements for Western District U.S. Attorney Donald Washington.

Appointed by former President George W. Bush, Washington will likely be replaced by the Obama administration, with significant influence on his successor coming from Democratic U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu. State Rep. Rick Gallot Jr. of Ruston is the frontrunner, Peep Goat reports, with state Sen. Eric LaFleur of Ville Platte jockeying along with Hank Gowen, an LSU Board of Supervisors member from Shreveport. Both are very capable, but the bus is already filled with white males.

Since Landrieu committed to keeping Jim Letten in the Eastern District, and Don Cazayoux is a lock in the Middle District, things don’t stack up well for any white male. Gallot, who is black, may be a shoo-in.

Who is Peep Goat? Still in mourning over the loss of his distant relative and mentor Deep Throat — and not one to let a great tradition die — Peep Goat was finally coaxed out of the shadows to bring reliable sources and piercing insight to The Independent's readers. Peep’s contributions run more weekly than not — as the spirits move him, or her. You see, Peep’s identity, by its very nature, must remain a closely guarded secret known only to management here at the paper.