Mary Tutwiler

Bird feeder swap at Wild Birds Unlimited

by Mary Tutwiler

Acadiana woke up to bluebird skies this morning and the songs of mockingbirds, (all 31 of them), reverberating through the neighborhood. Time to clean out the bird feeders and lure the warblers into the back yard. Perhaps, like mine, your bird feeders are cracked, fusty, or just plain busted. Wild Birds Unlimited is offering a nice deal. Trade in your broken-down feeder, and get a new one for 20 percent off. The nature shop sells high quality feeders, some are made out of recycled milk jugs, and the eco-friendly dense plastic is really tough, it will last through seasons of squirrels and wind knocking the feeder to the ground.

There’s lots of birding news this time of year. Rose and Jack Must, at Wild Bird, can get you up to speed on when to hang hummingbird feeders or nail up bluebird houses. Louisiana is situated at the heart of the eastern migratory bird flyway. This is the time to start looking for those brilliantly painted warblers who are headed back from Mexico and desperately in need of some food after their trip across the Gulf. So grab your field guide, binoculars, a sack of seeds, and get birding.