Leslie Turk

Alleged speed van attacker turns himself in

by Leslie Turk

The man who allegedly attacked a SafeSpeed driver last week turned himself in to local law enforcement officials at about 9 a.m. this morning, according to Lafayette Police Department spokesman Cpl. Paul Mouton. The man's identity has not been released pending booking.

The man faces simple criminal damage to property in excess of $1,000 and simple battery charges.

Information contained in an e-mail from SafeSpeed's customer relations manager, Christina Barnes, to Tony Tramel, Lafayette Consolidated Government's transportation director, indicates the incident occurred at about 10:30 p.m. Friday at 4100 Ambassador Caffery Parkway.

Problems appear to have started after images of the speeding driver and his vehicle were captured by the speed van. "He returned angry and at one point grabbed our driver and rammed our van, forcing it down hill with his own vehicle," Barnes writes. The driver was not injured. The lead speed van driver was called to the scene, Barnes continues, "and obtained as much detail as she could."

"The violator left before police arrived," Barnes writes, "but we captured his plate and a good face shot, which the police are already using to help locate him."