Letters to the Editor


The day this story came out (“Old School ,” Feb. 25) I brought my 13-year-old brother and my 15-year-old cousin to the new public park on Johnston Street. I sat out there with them for a few hours photographing them. They help each other out and teach each other things. They skate because it is something they genuinely are interested in and enjoy doing. While they were out there, I saw at least 15 other kids skating too. They were excited; they said they become better skaters by skating with better skaters. I could sense a real community among them, and it was really enjoyable to watch.

Thank you for allowing Dege Legg to write an article such as this so they can see what they are trying to accomplish with their skating comes from something bigger than themselves — that they have their own history they can learn from. I picked up a copy for each of them, and I can’t wait to hear what they have to say about it as well.