Party Girl

Party Girl 03.11.09

Beth Guilbeau and Janet Begneaud

Crystall Young and Carole Ann Piccione

Kelly Gautreaux

Jane Debaillion and Carole D'Amico standing with Denise Chapman, Margie McClendon and Debbie Moret

Mary Callaway and Sue Golden

Rose Cormier

Jeanie Rush and friends in their Vail flea market finds

Karen Hail, Linda Terry and Brenda Curtis

Cameron Foreman as The Mad Hatter

Ready to Compete for Most Beautiful Hat Prizes

The annual Mad Hatter’s Luncheon is at the top of the list of Party Girl’s favorite rites of spring. It’s one of many annual fund-raisers for the Acadiana Symphony Women’s League, and founder Mimi Prevost still remembers how it all started, 20 years ago, when she rounded up vintage hats, spats and other accessories from her grandmother’s, grandfather’s and mother’s closets to start a new tradition. Mimi eventually donated her heirlooms to UL. They are still available for loan on request, but each year the ladies build upon that inspired memory by making new treasures of their own. Some can whip them up at the drop of a….well, hat. Sue Golden, who often wins best of show, used a door wreath this year to make her show-stopping sensation. Rose Cormier added a red feather boa to a non-descript chapeau for her fabulous creation. Jeanie Rush snatched up linen floppy-brimmed hats from a flea market in Vail to share with her table of friends. The group got together for a party and voila! A little organza, a few silk flowers and a glue gun and you’d think they were a designer’s handiwork. Having a party to decorate the bonnets before the luncheon seems to be a common strategy. Just ask the cat ladies, the flappers and the peacock-feathered flock — just a few of the many themes for this year’s chic chapeaux. The MidSouth Bank table was heard brainstorming a money theme for next year’s competition. The City Club was the venue, and the food was excellent. Good thing they cut the chocolate mousse cake in half because I ate it all (one of Party Girl’s well-informed table mates estimated a whole one at 700 calories). After a peek at spring fashions, courtesy of the Lemon Drop Boutique, the lovely League ladies headed out in their haberdashery to enjoy the rest of an absolutely gorgeous spring day.

Party On!