Letters to the Editor


Your recent article about the impending firing of airport director Greg Roberts struck a chord with me ("The INDsider: Airport chair says Roberts to retire or face termination," May 25). Ms. Turk's first sentence calls him "rude," and in the last sentence she calls his response to her question "abrupt."

I have known Mr. Roberts through leadership activities for several years. He has always been very direct in his comments, but he has never been rude to me or to anyone else to whom I have seen him respond. It seems Ms. Turk's article and use of adjectives are biased against Mr. Roberts. Is this professional journalism? Could she have written the article based on facts rather than her own point of view?

And since when did we start hiring and firing people based solely on their personality? Is this still the era of the "good ole boy system"? Mr. Roberts is highly qualified to hold his position. From my layman's point of view he has done a very good job. His tenure as airport director has seen tremendous accomplishments despite several economic changes. A "military attitude" seems to be precisely what we need in government to keep things as efficient as possible.

I do not know all the details of the recent embattlements with Mr. Roberts and the airport commission, but I do not appreciate biased journalism. And I would certainly hope our commissioners would look at more than personality before making a large decision like firing a highly qualified person who has achieved many positive results. If not, maybe we should look at replacing these commissioners!