R. Reese Fuller

Vitter's 'airport freakout'

by R. Reese Fuller

Roll Call is reporting that Sen. David Vitter recently had a small meltdown in Dulles airport.
Among Members of Congress, there’s a long-standing, proud tradition of the Airport Freakout. Add to the list of those who’ve indulged in meltdowns and temper tantrums while traveling one Sen. David Vitter, who on Thursday joined what we’ve dubbed the “Mile-Low Club” by going ballistic on an airline worker after missing a flight from Washington’s Dulles airport to New Orleans.
The report from a "tipster" contends that Vitter opened a closed door that set off an alarm and that he then pulled the ol' do-you-know-who-I-am routine. The discussion apparently grew so heated that the airline worker informed Vitter he was calling security.
But after talking a huffy big game, Vitter apparently thought better of pushing the confrontation any further. When the gate attendant left to find a security guard, Vitter turned tail and simply fled the scene.
Vitter told The Times-Picayune that Roll Call is making much ado about nothing.
"After being delayed on the Senate floor ensuring a vote on my anti-pay-raise amendment and in a rush to make my flight home for town hall meetings the next day, I accidentally went through a wrong door at the gate," Vitter said in a statement. "I did have a conversation with an airline employee, but it was certainly not like this silly gossip column made it out to be."