Letters to the Editor


Thank you for the profile of LSU fan extraordinaire Don Long ' the down home, aw-shucks, local guru of all things to do with LSU sports ' whose Web site is always there "first with the most" with regard to the latest news and information, coveted by the ravenous appetite of Tiger fans around the world.

One can almost imagine Long as the Louisiana version of Andy Griffith, had Andy been a Tiger fan from the bayou. Long, just as likeable, diplomatic, and wise as Griffith's TV character, brings a daily and perfectly seasoned dish of LSU gumbo to Tiger fans, as palatable as the real thing from one of the famous Cajun restaurants in his home town.

In a sports world where high-powered Web sites promise much, deliver much less, and charge for their mediocre service, Dandy Don delivers the real article everyday with the insight, passion and love for LSU sports that only a man of his integrity, background, experience and personal connections can give.

LSU is a treasure to this state with a fan base so unique that one only has to visit LSU on game day to begin to partially understand it. And, Don Long is a treasure to every LSU fan who has visited his unique Web site. Whether or not LSU finishes No. 1, one thing is clear. Long's Web site is No. 1 in the hearts of LSU fans everywhere, and he has a heart of LSU gold!