Leslie Turk

Peep Goat: Gautreaux gaining momentum?

by Leslie Turk

In today's issue of The Independent Weekly, Peep Goat reports that local attorneys Warren Perrin and David Calogero both have an interest in replacing federal Judge Tucker Melancon, who recently assumed senior status.

Peep, however, doesn't put much into their chances, reiterating his — or her (you see Peep's identity is a secret known only to Independent management) — position that Tucker's replacement is more likely to be either an African-American or a female. "A white male has as much of a chance on this one as a female does of being invited to be a member of the Augusta National Country Club," Peep says.

Lafayette attorney Kay Karre Gautreaux continues to be the most prominent female name mentioned, according to Peep's sources, who indicate that Opelousas District Judge Alonzo Harris is reportedly in the running as well.

Read more speculation from Peep in this week's issue.