Finds 04.01.09

What’ll they think of next?! Fashionistas will be beside themselves when they get a load of pants; the singular fashion item with a plural name. If you’re seeing them and digging them on the street but don’t know what they’re called, they’re pants. The concept is simple: cover yourself from waist to ankle in fabric. And the possibilities are endless! Canvas, linen, denim, burlap, silk, satin, terry cloth, nylon, you name it. We can’t wait to see what designers will do with this long-legged fashion revolution. The next logical step is pockets: “I’m carrying my stuff around on my butt, y’all!” And gentlemen, pants keep your stuff where your stuff will keep. No more swing ding-a-ling in these smart duds. Ladies, you can get yourself some pants, too! Put your pants on one leg at a time and head out the door! Pants come in one shape and several sizes, and they’re available at most major retail stores. — Walter Pierce

Some images just stay with you until you have to run to the Xerox machine and make a whole bunch of copies and stick them up on your bedroom wall, the equivalent of listening to a song over and over until you wear out the groves so bad on the record that the needle has nothing to track on and by that time you have made yourself sick and you can’t bear to hear the opening bars even for a second, that same kind of besotted addiction you obsess over, like really bad relationships and pralines n’ cream ice cream. I just got bit by another one. There’s this painting. It’s of a dog. It’s blue. I never heard of the artist, but I gotta have it. Forget about getting one for yourself. There’ll never be another like this one. — Mary Tutwiler

If you live a busy, economical, on-the-go lifestyle, it’s good to keep some Kraft Macaroni & Cheese in your pantry. It’s good as a side dish or as its own dinner. And you want to get Kraft, which has always had “the cheesiest”  macaroni and cheese known to persons. Never resting on its laurels, Kraft recently turned the mac n’ cheese world on its ear when the company announced that the cheesiest mac and cheese there was is “now even cheesier.” (For the mac n’ cheese connoisseur, Kraft also has a premium thick’n creamy variety.). Kraft macaroni & cheese comes in a box, it’s available at almost every grocery and convenience store, a monkey could make it, and it only costs like 75 cents. — Nathan Stubbs