Letters to the Editor


R. Reese Fuller's editorial criticizing me personally was taken out of context ("News Briefs: Berard Strikes Again," Dec. 14, 2005). In an interview with him in 2004, he outright lied about what we discussed. I called this to his attention in a personal letter, but there was no response. So I judged him to be a dishonest reporter. Throughout my life activities, I have always conducted myself with honesty and integrity. No one will dispute that fact. Moreover, I have consistently debated publicly both friends and adversaries at every segment of society. And, I don't recall ever losing a public debate.

There are consistent similarities in the reportings of the public press and also in letters to the editor. I've noted this consistency due to my broad based knowledge. I normally do not keep notes on what I read, see or hear, but rather expand new information to my inherent knowledge. As a frequent public speaker, my only question is: What's the subject and how long do I have to speak? In the past, I also had a weekly TV show for years that responded to all questions from the viewing public. I've also spoken to the hierarchy in many countries, universities, Wall Street, etc. and was published in thousands of editorials at all levels in the U.S. and internationally. I also shared my ever-growing knowledge base with the many organizations whose boards I was part of. As a consequence, the awards and acknowledgments are far too numerous to list, etc.

The Independent's attack goes back at least a quarter of a century to the time the former management of The Times attempted their cowardly tricks on me. I challenged them, thus the reason this sickness continues. The Independent is giving a sicko image to the legitimate publications in the Acadiana area. I will gladly debate The Independent management publicly in a no-holds-barred arena. I've yet to be bested in a public debate, but at age 76, I may not be as skillful as I once was. There's one way to find out!

In essence, I do not knowingly use published information. I'm blessed with a recall memory base about everything I'm involved with, but not necessarily the sources. So, I'm probably guilty of using public information that I'm able to recall from my memory base. And I would also like to note that I couldn't recall reading anything in The Independent that was memorable information. When the news is slow, The Independent does a hatchet job on someone. It was my turn once more.

Unlike past letters to the editor that Berard has submitted to The Daily Advertiser, we're quite certain that the preceding letter is entirely Berard's own creation. ' Ed.