Leslie Turk

Bruce's Yams sweeten one of Kleinpeter's new ice creams

by Leslie Turk

Kleinpeter Farms Dairy has added six ice cream flavors made with ingredients from iconic Louisiana food company giants, including Bruce Foods (sweet potatoes), Community Coffee, Elmer’s (Gold Brick Eggs), and Aunt Sally’s Pralines. In addition, Kleinpeter Farms has just begun offering its products in Lake Charles.

Within the past year, Kleinpeter Farms has expanded from a local company serving Baton Rouge/New Orleans into a regional entity serving Louisiana along interstates 10 and 12, as far north as Marksville and into southern Mississippi.

Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain is promoting Kleinpeter Farms’ expansion of its ice cream line using ingredients from other Louisiana food companies as an innovative model for other state businesses. “At a time of economic challenge, instead of cutting back, these companies are creating new quality choices for consumers and adding value for themselves by creative innovation and cooperation,” Strain says.

The new flavors take to a new level Kleinpeter Farms’ commitment to using as many Louisiana ingredients as possible in its products.

The new flavors are:
•    Homemade Sweet Potato Pie made with Bruce’s Yams
•    Gold Brick, made with chunks of Elmer’s Gold Brick
•    Café au Lait, made with Community Coffee
•    Bananas Foster made with Aunt Sally’s Pralines (by summer)
•    Rocky Road (by summer)
•    Banana Pudding (by summer)

The sweet potato pie ice cream is the only one of its kind commercially produced in the United States. The recipe comes from Bruce Foods, which was experimenting with a nutmeg flavored ice cream when Jeff Kleinpeter contacted the New Iberia-based company. “We were thinking about calling him about our ice cream and he shows up,” says Bruce Foods CEO Si Brown. “The partnership with Kleinpeter Farms means new items for the grocery stores, and that means jobs and expansion. Historically, sweet potatoes are a fall and winter item, so we are thrilled to have a summer mover.”