Mary Tutwiler

Barking up the treats tree

by Mary Tutwiler

Spoil that puppy. Actually these doggie treats look so good, Bowser might have to vie with his mistress to get a bite. Doghouse Treats is a new line of healthy homemade snacks for dogs. Following the news of contaminated Chinese-made pet food, dog owner Erin Zaunbrecher decided to take control of what her pug, Rosie, ate. Zaunbrecher, a former arts and entertainment writer at The Ind, began baking dog biscuits filled with items like local honey, peanuts, apples, bananas and breath-refreshing mint in a flour and egg base. Rosie loved her treats so much Zaunbrecher ramped up, and this week, her biscuits hit the street. Bags of Nutty Pupscotti, Apple Cinnamon Barkscuits, and Rosemary Cheddar Love Trainers (to be shared with the lucky pup’s owner) can be found at Jefferson Street Market, or email Zaunbrecher, or call 706-2323 to place an order.