Letters to the Editor


I read with interest the recent commentary titled “Johnston Street Smart ” (Acadiana Business, April 2009). Great article. I particularly appreciate Reed Andrus’ pragmatic approach to the problem. The rehabilitation of Johnston Street offers a very valuable lesson to be learned — that proper planning in the design of new arterials and streets would result in huge savings to the taxpayers. It is my understanding that the recently completed Camellia Boulevard Extension from Kaliste Saloom Road to Verot School Road was constructed with no underground electrical distribution infrastructure. I find that very disturbing, as it flies in the face of what we all now know because of the disaster that is Johnston Street. I am concerned that Camellia Boulevard and other roadways such as Ambassador Caffery Extension (not to mention any in the future) will offer great transportation benefits but will have overhead power lines, electrical transformers on power poles and offer the same appearance and problems as Johnston Street. I am convinced that doing it right the first time will eventually save taxpayers money and be a great investment in the overall appearance and appeal of our community. Let’s not pay a premium to fix later what we can do correctly today. You know what they say about those who cannot learn from history: They’re doomed to repeat it.