Letters to the Editor


“Elbert vs. the Machine” is such a contradiction.
In your March 25 cover story, “Elbert vs. the Machine ,” Elbert Guillory did an ample job of portraying himself as a victim and as a potential dragon slayer to the “machine,” also known as the Cravins family — my family.
First, when my father went to Baton Rouge in 1992 and in subsequent years, his sole focus was to help the people of his district. And, in countless ways, he did that each and every time. That’s why he was re-elected time and time again. Also, as a well-established businessman and honorable and unmaterialistic person, he would never take any money illegally. Similarly, my brother served his constituents nobly and my mom, if elected, would do the same.
Donnie (Don, Jr.) is a successful lawyer, politician and now appointee to a U.S. Senate committee. I am an award-winning editor working with a multinational company with sales of $42.7 billion in 2008 and Dustin is a proven marketing manager and entrepreneur. My brothers and I are winners in life based on the tenets that our parents instilled in us — faith in God, hard work, commitment to excellence, education and community service.
Fortunately, our ultimate success and legacy, as individuals and as a family, will not be defined by any political race.