Letters to the Editor


I am not a historian, I know nothing about making movies, and I was not in the Marine Corps. I am a retired school teacher with three degrees. I read your critique of the movie Flags of Our Fathers by Clint Eastwood ("Uphill Battle," Nov. 1).

Iwo Jima was the bloodiest battle fought by the USMC in WWII. The famous picture was a happenstance and a small part on that infamous battle. Your comments disturb me, and I consider them a disservice to the young men who died and fought there. They are harsh, fancy words that say nothing about this movie.

The Iwo Jima Vets Association give this movie a "thumbs up." I strongly suggest you read John Bradely's book from cover to cover, and you will find the movie was faithful to the book. Yes, there are computer generated inaccuracies in the movie ' the troop convoy and the diesel engine train in particular are wrong ' but the landing scene, the uniforms and the weapons tell me that Eastwood did his homework.

I suggest you read more about this battle and Bradley's book before you print implied insults that are quite insensitive to the Marines who are now in the sunset of their lives.