Mary Tutwiler

T-P's hard times dining guide

by Mary Tutwiler

Just in time for Jazz Fest, the Times-Picayune’s Spring Dining Guide hit the street yesterday. In years past, restaurant reviewer Brett Anderson has frequented New Orleans’ most recherche establishments, looking for high end high notes among the city’s Epicurean temples.

But in light of the current recession, Anderson is tightening his wallet (if not his belt). This year’s cover story features 12 dishes under $12. They range from the time-honored French fry poboy (with gravy of course) at Irish Channel mecca Parasol’s, to Vietnamese roast quail at Nine Roses on the West Bank. If reading’s not your bag, T-P photographer David Grunfeld produced and stars in 12 video clips highlighting Anderson’s pics. You can watch Grunfeld chow down on barbecue ribs, talk with his mouth full about mouthfeel, and tell you that most things tangy and sweet are good. Sweet. There’s a handy interactive list of restaurants by category and neighborhood. This dining guide is so concise and useful that it has earned its own icon on my iphone.