Letters to the Editor


I can’t tell you how happy I was to read the content of “Lights, Camera, Action ” (April 15 cover story). I’ve grown frustrated over the past year by the crazy antics thrown at this issue locally and across the country. Every article I read seems to focus on dollars and cents rather than the results. The elected body of Lafayette Parish recognized a problem and put in place a plan to address the problem. The results are staggering and should be embraced by our community as another win for making Acadiana a safer place to live and work.

My wife was involved in a “small” automobile accident eight years ago due to the blatant disregard of laws by a driver. For eight years she has suffered miserable pain and decided to undergo spinal surgery last July as a last ditch effort to have some type of normal lifestyle. She ended up on life support for two weeks due to complications, now has two feet of titanium in her back, and is unable to bend at the waist. She still has an additional year of recovery.

For those speeders and red light runners who oppose the use of technology to improve safety on our roadways, I say “shame on you.” Next time you are complaining about the cameras, I want you to imagine a 30-year-old family member lying in a hospital bed with tubes, nine bags of IV fluids, blood transfusions, and a respirator having to breath for that person for two weeks as a trickle down result of a seemingly “small” accident.