Leslie Turk

Stanford's Angelle says she never gave Rolex to investor

by Leslie Turk

Through her attorney Alan Breaud, former Stanford Group Co. financial advisor Tiffany Angelle says a story in this week’s Independent Weekly, “Stanford suits hitting closer to home,” includes untrue information. The story states that an investor was flown to the West Indies island of Antigua, Stanford International Bank’s headquarters, where he was entertained and presented a Rolex in an effort to convince him to keep his money in the company.

“She is quite upset about the article and the damage to her reputation,” Breaud writes in an e-mail. “She has never given a Rolex or any other gift to get someone to invest.”

In a phone interview this morning, Breaud also said that Angelle didn't take investors on trips to keep them from withdrawing money.

Before publishing Wednesday's story, The Independent Weekly tried to reach Angelle by phone (at the address listed in the lawsuit), but no one answered. We called the same number this morning — and again no answer.