Mary Tutwiler

Crawfish legislation on the table

by Mary Tutwiler

Two bills filed by Acadiana legislators aim to support Louisiana crawfish farmers.

Rep. Fred Mills Jr. of Parks proposes to create a public safety campaign to warn the public about the risks of eating seafood imported from China. Mill’s House Bill 551 would mandate that retail seafood dealers who offer Chinese seafood items post a notice that states: “WARNING: This product contains Chinese seafood which may be hazardous to your health.”

Mills' bill also targets restaurants, which would be required to post a sign that reads: “Chinese seafood has been reported to contain substances which may be carcinogenic. The consumption of Chinese seafood may be hazardous to your health.” The state has already imposed tariffs on imported seafood, but Mills' bill is directly aimed at the diner, who up until now has not been able to identify whether she is eating Louisiana or Chinese crawfish or shrimp in her etouffee.

Jennings Rep. John Guinn's House Bill 5 hopes to give a sales tax break to crawfish farmers for the purchase of bait and feed only.