Pooyie! 04.29.2009

When is a crawfish crepe more than a crawfish crepe? When it raises funds for a struggling non-profit agency. Last week in the Cajundome Convention Center, the 25th annual Culinary Classic generated about $30,000 for Stuller Place, a Lafayette non-profit that provides services for victims of sexual abuse. The Classic drew top chefs from across the region, and high-end foodies from across Acadiana. The fundraising couldn’t have come at a more critical time for Stuller Place, which earlier this spring fired off a desperate plea for help after failing to secure a funding source it had long relied on. Thirty grand from the Culinary Classic will go a long way toward ensuring that Stuller Place continues to provide its valuable services.

The defense fizzled down the stretch and the Tigers lost to Ole Miss for the first time in seven years, but that wasn’t the worst indignity suffered by LSU football fans. According to the U.S. Secret Service, an identity theft gang was also preying on Tiger fans in Death Valley, picking the pockets of middle aged men and using their debit cards to commit bank fraud and empty out their accounts. The crooks have Madoff (get it?!) with roughly $50,000, and have also pulled off the pick and roll at New Orleans Hornets games. If this brings back fanny packs, God help us all!

Clearly the gentleman was hammered, possibly after too many screwdrivers. Lafayette Police last week released a surveillance photo from the Capitol One Bank on West Congress Street, where, for a brief, passionate moment, stupidity and futility commingled their loins. The guy in the pic is whacking away at the ATM machine with a hammer in a patently impatient attempt to make a withdrawal. Police say the knucklehead was unsuccessful in bolstering his personal finances, but he did manage to bang the machine up pretty well. His misbegotten money quest got him nothing, except this week’s couillon award.