Letters to the Editor


Did John Bess even read Greg Peters' excellent explanation of his comic ("Indiscretions: The Chris Williams Cartoon," July 19)? I follow Peters' work on the Internet, and Snake Oil occasionally goes over my head because I don't have the local context. But even though I had no idea who the councilman was or what he did, I knew that Peters' statement was calling him an idiot, not calling civil rights leaders idiots.

I'll admit that the comic was subtle, but I also knew that Rosa Parks writing "crackers drool" on a bus seat is so disjointed, that it couldn't have been about Parks herself. I'm half a country away, and even I understood this. Maybe if Peters concentrated more on political comics with "REPUBLICANS" written on big cartoony elephants and RESIDENTS falling in tar pits labeled INSURANCE QUAGMIRE, you'd get less complaints.