Letters to the Editor


The French-speaking folks of Louisiana are often either invisible or seen as objects of curiosity. In reality, it is just another aspect of our daily lives that we speak French. It is good to see some of these folks acknowledged and honored for their fight to bring French into all aspects of their lives. Thanks Mary Tutwiler and The Independent Weekly for a lovely article ("The French Connection," Aug. 9).

I would also like to clarify a couple of pieces of information in the attached "If You'd Like to Speak French" article. There are two Web sites mentioned at the end of the article ' www.myspace.com/labrisedubayou and the www.angelfire.com/indie/tabloidcadien/. Those Web sites were established by Rocky McKeon, a young man from Robinson Canal in Terrebonne Parish. Rocky learned Cajun French from his grandmother and recently studied in Mons, Belgium, on a CODOFIL scholarship. He is passionate about having more young people involved in the French movement as well as putting Terrebonne Parish on the Louisiana French-speaking map where it belongs.

Our Web site, www.codofil.org, provides a calendar of upcoming events as well as a page for ongoing events, classes, workshops and jam sessions. Each event or class provides details and contact information. CODOFIL helped to launch the Alliance Fran├žaise de Lafayette last year, and Alliance events are also listed on the CODOFIL calendar with the same details and contact information.