Nathan Stubbs

KADN cuts local news

by Nathan Stubbs

Sources confirm KADN is no longer producing local news segments and has let go of its local news staff of two reporters. The move appears to be part of statewide cutbacks from parent company Communication Corp of America. On Monday, the local 9 p.m. Fox News Louisiana re-emerged as a five-minute segment, now called Fox News Now, consisting only of a brief run through of state headlines and a short weather forecast. Baton Rouge Fox affiliate WGMB has also reportedly cut its local newscast.

Fox News has struggled to gain footing in markets across the state since launching two years ago. Never a traditional or full-fledged news operation, Fox News Louisiana aired in several cities around the state but was anchored from Baton Rouge. Affiliates in Lafayette and Shreveport would pre-tape local news segments which were then plugged into the newscast. That system allowed Fox to produce several news shows at a significantly lower cost.

KADN general manager Tom Shannon has just released the following statement to The Independent about the changes:

“The changes are designed to make better use of [KADN’s] resources and to change the way news is presented. The changes offer viewers alternative news presentations that are more in keeping with how today’s audiences consume television news. KADN Fox 15 will break new ground with a new five-minute newscast at 9 p.m. called Fox News Now. This newscast will include a daily wrap-up of local news and weather, tied directly to KADN’s Web site and utilizing citizen journalists and online news aggregators. In addition KADN has launched Fox News Now news breaks throughout the day as it happens. These news breaks offer condensed news and weather content with additional information available at KADN’s Web site. The concept behind the change is that audiences are now moving between broadcast and Internet news sources throughout the day. KADN is now allowing its audience to be continually informed while being entertained with the best programming available.”