Nathan Stubbs

Le plaque est paree

by Nathan Stubbs

The plate is ready. New specialized French license plates, benefitting French immersion programs, are now available through the state Office of Motor Vehicles. The plates proclaim: Louisiane, "la glaie bleue" (the blue iris) and "Chez nous autres" (Our home). The plate will only be available by mail until early July. After that, it will be available in all DMVs throughout the state.

To order, call the main motor vehicle office in Baton Rouge at 225-925-6371, give the operator your current plate number and ask for a fee quote on this type of plate. The minimum fee will be $61.50. All plates are issued for two years. The breakdown is a follows: $25 will be the regular registration fee, $25 will go to the CODOFIL Consortium of Immersion Schools, and $11.50 is for administrative fees for the plate change. When you renew the plate, the fee will be $50, with half of that money going to French immersion. You can keep the same plate if you change cars.