Leslie Turk

Lawsuit: Northgate Mall's former owners stiff city for $400k

by Leslie Turk

An oversight? Perhaps. But not likely.

Blogger Louis David’s site, www.onthegreaux.com, this weekend broke the story about Northgate Mall’s former owners’ failure to pay $378,000 in utility bills, resulting in a lawsuit by Lafayette Consolidated Government against Northgate Prime, Lafayette Prime Inc. and Thomas E. Morris. David reports that the new owners, who got the mall for $2.85 million in a February auction, are current on their utility bills.

Onthegreaux.com is also sporting a new look and has some nice tidbits about Lafayette’s business scene. David’s agreed to give the INDsider a heads-up when he has breaking news. Read more about LCG’s lawsuit and other happenings around town here.