Party Girl

Party Girl 05.13.09

Kam Movassaghi, Gerd Wuestemann, Adam Lemoine, Wendell Juneau and Luis Alvarez

Mike Duvall, Gerry Guzzino, Bryan Scofield and Tracy Curtis

Kyle Braniff, Robert Crouchet, Gary Hebert and Richard Young

Bob Giles, Adam Lemoine and Lenny Lemoine

Clay Allen and Dr. Tom Bertuccini

Ben Lemoine, Seth Lemoine and Mike Rice

Angela Meredith, Annie Bonaventure, Adam Lemoine, and Brittani Bass

There was a hen in the rooster house on May 5, as Party Girl crashed the exclusive Gentleman’s Dinner held in River Ranch. Hosted by Adam Lemoine in the upstairs area of his home dubbed the “Lemoine Loft,” this annual dinner congregates some of the most successful men in the Acadiana area for dinner, drinks, good conversation and everything in between. Notable attendees included Ben Berthelot, Bob Giles, Clay Allen, David Wilson, Lenny Lemoine, state Rep. Page Cortez, state Sen. Eric LaFleur, Dr. Jerome Smith, Aaron Allen, Paul Segura, Gerd Weustemann, Pete Yuan, Kam Movassaghi, Drs. Tom Bertuccini and Kenny Odinet, Rusty Brown and The Independent’s own Odie Terry and Steve May. Instead of its usual dinner crew cooking, this year the gentlemen opted to have the event catered by Tsunami. Two of the downtown sushi restaurant’s best chefs, Toon Nguyen and Chaster Dethvongsa, were on hand to prepare fresh sushi right on site for the esteemed guests. Mounds of delectable rolls adorned the tables, but they were so delicious that there was barely a piece of sticky rice left on the platters by the party’s end. There were also two former Tsunami bartenders serving up Japanese beer, cocktails, sake and wine on the outside balcony, which boasts a beautiful view of the lake in River Ranch. Also helping out was Brittani Bass, the lovely hostess who collected the mandatory bottle of wine or sake that all guests had to bring. This helped ensure that all whistles were sufficiently wet by the end of the evening, and everyone went home with full bellies and fond memories of this year’s dinner.