Leslie Turk

Couillons on da loose: House committee OKs campus guns

by Leslie Turk

Just what a state with the highest gun death rate in the country needs: college kids toting concealed weapons. How about a drunk college kid with a gun? On a Saturday during football season at LSU where there could easily be 100,000 people? It made sense to nine legislators, even our senator-elect (great start, sen). Hell, the governor is now supporting it as well.

The state's House Criminal Justice Committee voted 9-6 for Republican state Rep. Ernest Wooton of Belle Chasse's absurd bill Tuesday. It's now headed to the floor of the House, where it is likely to face quick death. A former sheriff (mind-boggling, I know), Wooton proposed the same bill last year and got it past the criminal justice committee in an 11-3 vote. It died on the House floor.

The nine couillons voting for HB27 were: (of course) Reps. Wooton; Josephy Lopinto, R-Metairie; Damon Baldone, D-Houma; Gregory Ernst, R-New Orleans; Elbert Guillory , D-Opelousas; Chris Hazel, R-Pineville; Gary Smith, D-Norco; Bodi White, R-Central; and Ricky Templet, R-Gretna.

Wiser minds opposing the bill were Reps. Barbara Norton, D-Shreveport; Roy Burrell, D-Shreveport; Mickey Guillory, D-Eunice; Frankie Howard, R-Many; Jonathan Perry, R-Abbeville; and John Schroder, R-Covington.

The Advocate reported today that college officials and many students — donning “Funds Not Guns” T-shirts — opposed the bill, arguing it would make college campuses more dangerous.


As you might imagine, colleges are gun-free zones in every state, with one exception: Utah.

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