Letters to the Editor


Have I somehow stumbled back in time ' to a time where men were the absolute and undisputed figure head of society, women completely subservient and compliant ' when men could do as they pleased without regard for a woman's body or mind? When did it become socially acceptable for a strange man to grab at a female passerby? The caveman mentality is so passé. There is no need to find a woman with "birthing hips" to procreate for the survival of the species. There is no need to grab at a woman's flesh to determine if she is fit enough to withstand the attack of a wild animal or neighboring tribe. There is no need to pull at her clothing, her hair, or any other part of her to get her attention. Moreover, it is not the rage to club some female over the head and drag her back to the cave.

I am not some radical feminist, although I am an advocate of female rights and personal safety. I am not oblivious to the genetic and behavioral differences between women and men, and I see that those differences can make it difficult to understand one another. I can appreciate and respect some of the animalistic urges that we all find ourselves succumbing to from time to time. However, at no point would it be acceptable for me to grab some strange man by his manhood (although I am sure there are some out there that would be willing to accept such behavior). This past weekend, I was poked, prodded and, in the end, left violated while merely strolling down the sidewalks of downtown. I have had problems of this nature before, but not to this degree, and being the feisty woman that I am, I did not sit idly by and accept that type of "communication."

For those real men out there that would never act in such a disgraceful manner, thank you a thousand times over. For those of you who know a man who has treated you in this fashion, I send my condolences as I know what a terrible feeling such action evokes. For those of you who know a male who has exhibited similar conduct, tell him to straighten up and fly right.