Mary Tutwiler

LSU in a bottle

by Mary Tutwiler

Sweet memories. The shady oaks of campus. The roar of Mike the Tiger. The thrill of keg stands. Last night. Time in a bottle, if perfumer Katie Masich got it right. LSU for Women perfume goes on sale this week, just in time for graduates to take a whiff of college home with them. Her company, Masik Collegiate Fragrances, concocts the elusive fragrance of college campuses and markets it for $60 for a 3.4-ounce for men’s cologne and women's eau de parfum. Masik's ode to its product:

A signature scent inspired by the majestic spirit of the Fighting Tigers. LSU for Women opens with Juicy Plum and Golden Bourbon, symbolizing the time honored school colors of Purple and Gold, pumped up with a splash of Sparkling Mandarin. Dewey Evening Jasmine, Egyptian Tuberose and Turkish Rose Petals dance throughout the heart inviting you to boost and invigorate your school spirit while Warm Honey, Black Agar, Deep Patchouli and Soft Oak lend strength to the base creating a fragrance that is as fierce and confident as the Tigers themselves. A sensual, golden, woody fragrance for the LSU woman.

“There’s the purple and gold, so we want aromatics that are royal, regal,” Masich told the Times-Picayune. “There’s lavender and violet. For the gold, you think about amber, honey, bourbon.” Bourbon. She got that one right.