Party Girl

Party Girl 05.20.09

Wolfe Washauer (groom to be) and Kate Miciotto (bride to be)

Nicole Angers, Kristen Miciotto and Kate Miciotto

Nicole Angers, Crystal Miciotto and Susan Miciotto

Nicole Angers, Charlie Babineaux, Emily Babineaux, Katy Fremin and Blair Saviore Saulnier (back row) Elizabeth Lane, Kendall Etier

Matt Duplechain, Melissa Duplechain, Susan Duplechain
and Sylvia Washauer

Jay Webre, Neal Onebane, Donna Onebane and Sid Webre

Jill Holder, Kate Miciotto, Binks Miciotto and Wolfe Washauer

Sarah West, Janie Campbell, Sharon Moss, Denise Castille

Flo Meadows

AHA’s Laura Broussard and Sharon Moss announce the raffle winners

Carolina Cruz-Neira, Amanda Easley, Flo Meadows, Sandy Chalmers, Nanette Heggie, Dioselin Gonzalez and Molly Mouton

Chasity Hooks, winner of one of the shopping basket raffles

The always elegant Petroleum Club was the scene for a recent engagement party hosted by Ellis and Donna Rohrberger, Brother and Catherine Abdalla, Bobby and Ann Butcher, Ralph and Cheri Kraft, Frank and Tracy Neuner, Neal and Donna Onebane, Robert and Blaire Cabes, Douglas and Susie Golf, Donald and Barbara McCrory and Jean Golf. The party was in honor of Kate Miciotto and Wolfe Washauer, who are to be married on August 21 in Carmel, Calif. Carmel is known for its natural coastal beauty and breathtaking scenery, and has always been a favorite spot of the couple. The parents of the bride are Binks and Susan Miciotto, and the parents of the groom are Mark and Lynn Washauer and David and Janet Affolter. The bride is from Lafayette and the groom is from Baton Rouge, where the couple currently resides.

Go Red For Women is a movement formed by the American Heart Association to empower and educate women about heart disease, the No. 1 killer of our lovely ladies. A luncheon was held in honor of this noble cause at the Lafayette Hilton May 7. Sponsors included Lafayette General Medical Center, AT&T, UBS, Carolyn French, Our Lady of Lourdes, United Health Care, Acadian Ambulance, Flex Med Inc., 2000 Health Foundation, and Heart Hospital of Lafayette. Beautiful women wore their finest red clothing as they were informed about the importance of cardiovascular health and even given a scrumptious heart friendly lunch. Making the event even happier was the fact that 10 women took the Go Red for Women Personally Fit Challenge over the previous three months (the program was tracked monthly by The Independent Weekly) and emerged victorious. Losing a total of 121.5 pounds and 163 inches, these fantastic femmes gave hope to other women that they too can lower their risks of heart disease.