Dege Legg

Rock school summer camp

by Dege Legg

Are you a young dude who wants to rock? Acadiana School of the Arts (formerly Scott’s Drum Center) is ramping up enrollment for those who wish to drink from the grand chalice of rock and roll. For the past few years the instructors at Acadiana School of the Arts have been schooling the next generation of young rockers in everything from pentatonic scales to whammy bar dive bombs to helicopter drum whirls to power chord crunching.

It’s all covered and nobody knows how to do it better, as many of the instructors are active-duty local rock heroes pulling multiple tours in their own rock bands. So give them a call and enroll your son or daughter in the Summer Rock Camp at Acadiana School of the Arts. It’ll give them something productive to do while chilling in the summer and it’ll keep them out of trouble. Classes for kids ages 9-16 run from June 22-26 at East Bayou Baptist Church from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Call 984-1478 or visit to register.