Walter Pierce

Update: Council approves Pastor's street appeal

by Walter Pierce

The Lafayette Consolidated Council Tuesday unanimously assented to the appeal from a Lafayette pastor who says a pair of Planning Commission requirements — two among several attached to preliminary approval for his subdivision development — would throw a major wrench in the works, according to a report in today's Advertiser.

The Rev. Jay Miller, pastor of The Family Church on Stone Avenue, was granted preliminary approval in April to develop Heritage Estates subdivision on land behind his church, which is on the east side of North University Avenue north of Interstate 10 near Acadian Hills Country Club. However, the planning department — in the interest of “connectivity” — is requiring Miller to extend Armor Avenue north into the proposed development to increase access to and from Heritage Estates. The planning department is also requiring Miller to make one road in his planned neighborhood a connector between North University and an eventual extension of North St. Antoine Street to Pont Des Mouton Road. In an appeal filed with the planning department and forwarded to the council, Miller says he was “floored” when he learned of the requirements. Miller argues in the letter that such requirements — at the expense of The Family Church, which also operates Lafayette Christian Academy — would be a fatal blow to the church’s “7 year master plan.”

“We cannot afford the millions in cost, as it would halt and cripple our future growth,” Miller writes. In conclusion, the pastor targets his appeal to council members representing north Lafayette: “For years all we heard from our City Officials was ‘LET’S BUILD NORTH LAFAYETTE’,” Miller writes. “We have done our part since 1973. Every year our entire budget is poured right back into Acadiana and North Lafayette.”

For now, Miller and The Family Church will not be required to extend Armor Avenue to plan for future connectivity with a St. Antoine extension.