Letters to the Editor


On Jan. 9, my domicile was burglarized, and five of my guns and a green blanket were stolen, as no one was home that day. That same morning, someone contacted the Iberia Parish Sheriff's Department about a "suspicious man" walking down Jane Street by the tracks, carrying something in a blanket. Deputies Menard and Credeur went to investigate. They made the man open the blanket, and in it were five of my guns. The man had no identification and gave the deputies a sad story about his friend. Deputy Menard wrote up a report, put him in the patrol car, drove him to a house on Hopkins Street, and dropped him off with the guns!

With no identification and having concealed weapons, no arrest was made. Why? Now I'm out of five guns and a green blanket because of the incompetence of our sheriff's deputies who are "protecting our neighborhoods from criminals." Our sheriff refuses to give me a copy of the police report. Why? Now my question about aiding and abetting a criminal is this: Who has my guns and my blanket? The suspicious man or the sheriff's deputies?

Maybe it is past time we elected a sheriff who will have his deputies arrest suspicious characters that cannot provide some sort of identification walking down our streets with five concealed and stolen guns. That is a felony, is it not?

I greatly respect the right of our "saintly" sheriff to respond to my opinion about this travesty carried out by his deputies and why my five stolen guns have disappeared through a burglary of my domicile. Based upon my complaint to our state attorney general, maybe I'll get some answers to this sorry mess.