Finds 05.27.09

A few weeks ago, while Cafe Vermilionville chef Alex Patout’s alligator guy was making a delivery, Patout received a little lagniappe. “You want some alligator legs?” Patout said “sure,” thinking he was going to get some big back legs. What arrived were the giant reptile’s pigmy forelegs. Then the fun began. The kitchen crew fried them, fricasseed them, sauteed them, and finally threw a few on the grill. “Tender!” was Patout’s revelatory comment. About the size of a big chicken wing, wearing a nice char from the grill, coated in a sweet garlic sauce, the legs plate up nicely. The petit grilled alligator legs are paired with fried fillets of ’gator, both served on top of fried dill pickles. Order the Alligator Duet, $8, check out the Web site, , or call Cafe V, 237-0100, for more info. Patout dreams of starting a new food craze. “Louisiana legs. It’s our answer to Buffalo Wings.” — Mary Tutwiler

Make primping your pretty peepers a little easier. Eyelash tinting gives the lush look of mascara, while skipping all the hassle of daily application and removal.  After one short session, your lashes are transformed from barely noticeable wisps to an undeniable fringe, and they will stay that way for three to four weeks with no maintenance required. But the best part about eyelash tinting is that it doesn’t run, smudge, clump or flake. So go to the beach, swim, work out — all without the fear of becoming a victim to the dreaded raccoon eyes. Eyelash tinting is $20 and the service is available at Bath Haus in River Ranch. Call 993-0644 for more information. — Maria Capritto
Surreal images happen by chance. Isn’t it time you relinquished control, even if for one hundredth of a second? Capture uncertainty with the nostalgia of a Eastman Kodak Brownie. It’s a square-format film camera that is technically flawed in just about every way. Hence the appeal. Just stand back about five feet, look through the waist-finder and hope for the best. Romanticism ensues. Things look better slightly muddled in hindsight. Imagine how much more interesting your life could be with pictures like these. Leave yourself open for interpretation. To begin your journey into the phantasmagoria, call Lafayette Antique Market at 981-9884. There is only one waiting for you with a price tag of $39. Color and black and white roll film starting around $3.50 can be purchased online at . — Angelle-Leigh Breaux