Party Girl

Party Girl 05.27.09

Britt Richard, Anna Lodriguss and Kellen Daniel

Danny Smith and Brent Sapergia of the IceGators

Jonne Spann and Tim Lambert

Monica Hebert, Laurie Duffy and Jennifer Lemeunier

Chris Reed, Jared Verrett and John Karam

Kevin Miller, Greg Guarino and Jared Doise

The Stan’s crew enjoying boiled crawfish

Clay and Wendy Judice

Danelle Bailey and Carla Levers

Lindsey Andrus, Kyle Braniff, Angi Riehl and Kimberly Thibodeaux

Lindsey Andrus, Kyle Braniff, Jake and Susan Giardina and Charles and Erin Fenstermaker

Robert and Ann John examine the paintings

Scott Hayes, Kourtni Bourque, Hope and David Hebert, Dawn Morgan and Graham Ginn

Julie Breaux, Kathryn Crosby, Denise Broussard and Joan Randolph

A few samples of the amazing artwork

Downtown Lafayette Unlimited and the Downtown Development Authority held their annual crawfish boil at the top of the Parc Auto du Centreville parking tower on May 13. Presented by Cox, Home Bank, The Southwest Group, Nitetown and the Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living, this event always brings out downtown’s favorite and most familiar faces. Mounds of red-hot crawfish buried the tables, but poor Party Girl couldn’t participate in the grub fest because shamefully for a Cajun I am allergic to shellfish! But according to the party-goers, they were absolutely scrumptious. I did, however, get to enjoy the free beer and wine that was served, which was fine by me, and the company of some good old friends. And who knew that a sunset from a parking tower could be so beautiful!

Party Girl got to sneak a peek at the goods the night before the May 16 Big Easel event held at River Ranch (not to mention break in my newest party dress)! There was a fabulous Big Easel Preview Cocktail Party held at Club 1100 at City Club the eve of the main event, where each of the 62 artists who were showing the next day got to bring their favorite piece, for display and a possible early sale, for this special showing in front of a more intimate crowd. There was even a fun auction hosted by the hilariously entertaining Jeffery McCullough, who chaired the event flawlessly. Lafayette artist Lue Svendson was the artist of the painting that went to auction, named the “Big Easel Painting,” which was used for the poster for the event as well. The proceeds of the winning bid of her painting are to be shared by the Children’s Museum of Acadiana and the River Ranch Arts Institute. The Big Easel 2009 Committee included Jeffery McCullough, Karen Daigle, Hope Hebert, Kim Mallia, and Lue Svendson, and in addition to being able to throw a fantastically grand event, they are doing their part in ensuring that the fantastic art scene in Lafayette continues to flourish.

Party On!