Letters to the Editor


If the letter to the editor titled "Ex-wives, Disgruntled Clients and Unhappy Partners" (July 25) in response to "The Newman Trowbridge Files" is in fact a letter written by Mr. Jim Mansfield III, attorney for the Liskow & Lewis law firm in Lafayette, I believe he has in part missed the point of your article. In my opinion, it would have been most appropriate for him to have fully disclosed to your readers that the Liskow & Lewis Law Firm is presently representing a client (Texaco Exploration and Production Inc.) that is adverse to the same reported on Nancy Blanchard and Betty Blanchard and is thereby presently aligned with Mr. Trowbridge and his other oil and gas business associates against these two women. I believe all the readers deserved to know at least that important fact when reading and considering Mansfield's statement about Trowbridge being "a very skilled lawyer who exhibits the highest personal and ethical standards."

If the letter to the editor was written by Mr. Mansfield with Liskow & Lewis, then I believe he has also failed to disclose all material facts. If the letter was not written by him, a sincere apology is given to that good man for a very reasonable misidentification.

In closing, would the real Mr. Jim Mansfield somewhere out there please stand up and tell us: "What business card is in your wallet?"

Not an ex-wife, disgruntled client and/or unhappy partner,