Nathan Stubbs

LSU could cut 1900 jobs

by Nathan Stubbs

WAFB is reporting that LSU could cut as many as 1900 jobs, including 500 at its main campus in Baton Rouge, unless the state makes drastic changes to its proposed funding for higher ed this year. In the face of waning revenues, Gov. Bobby Jindal has proposed cuts of more than $200 million to higher education. WAFB quotes LSU Chancellor Michael Martin saying the cutbacks are beginning to look more ‘realistic’ as legislators enter their final weeks of debating the state budget.
“We’ve tried not to go too far down that road because there’s no point in creating angst and tension among people until we know what the real story is,” Martin said. “But, I don’t think you can avoid the reality that the budget cuts of any significance at a place like this will come at the expense of jobs.”